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Series 1700A 3/8 X 8, SDS Drill

Series 1700A 3/8 X 8, SDS Drill

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Series 1700A 3/8 X 8, SDS Drill, Fractional, Carbide Tip, Bright, SDS Plus
Manufacturer: Drillco
Part #: DRILLCO-170A1248
SKU: DRL170A1248
Selling Unit: Pack (1)
$6.95 / Pack (1)
Series 1700A 3/8 X 8, SDS Drill is available for purchase in increments of 1

3/8” by 8" Drillco 170A1248 Masonry Drill

Drillco 170A1248 is a size 3/8” masonry drill with 8” overall length. This SDS drill features a carbide tip and bright finish.

1 bit per pack.

About Drillco Series 1700A Masonry Drills

Chisel shaped head geometry plus short head to flute entrance allows debris to quickly channel down the flute for faster drilling progress. Self Centering Tip for easy spot drilling. Reinforced flute geometry reduces vibrations, increases breakage resistance, & transfers more energy from power tool motor to tip of the drill bit. Rebar Chamfer prevents carbide head from cracking in the event of contact with reinforced concrete (product not intended for use in reinforced concrete).

Available in sizes 1/16” - 3/8”.

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Part NumberDRILLCO-170A1248
Per CaseNo
Unit of MeasurePack (1)
Make to OrderNo
Body DiameterNo
D LimitsNo
Per Pack1
Cutter DiameterNo
Shank TypeNo
Depth Of CutNo
Flute Length6 in
Flute Length MetricNo
Length Of CutNo
Length Of ThreadNo
Cutter DiameterNo
Country Of OriginGermany
Depth Of CutNo
Number Of FlutesNo
Overall Length8-1/4 in
Drill SizeNo
Flute LengthNo
Overall Length MetricNo
Flute Length MetricNo
Pitch Diameter LimitsNo
Pitch Diameter MetricNo
Large End DiameterNo
Largest DiameterNo
Shank LengthNo
Shank SizeNo
Length Of CutNo
Length Of ThreadNo
Shank TypeSDS PLUS
Size MetricNo
Maximum SizeNo
Minimum SizeNo
Morse TaperNo
Morse Taper OutsideNo
Outer DiameterNo
Point DiameterNo
Number Of FlutesNo
Number Of StepsNo
Tool NumberNo
Pipe SizeNo
Pipe Tap CapacityNo
Pitch DiameterNo
Pitch Diameter LimitsNo
Pitch Diameter MetricNo
Reamer CapacityNo
Screw SizeNo
Shank LengthNo
Shank SizeNo
Shank Size MetricNo
Size RangeNo
Small End DiameterNo
Smallest DiameterNo
Step IncremenetsNo
Tap CapacityNo
Width A/fNo